Improve your press brake productivity and efficiency with Adbendpro CAD/CAM.

Adira Software

Working from 3D models designed with Adbendpro 3D modeler, or imported files, the software unfolds parts, determine bend lines automatically (flat pattern creation) and selects the optimal bend sequence by gauging positions and tool selection for minimum tool stations and part turns.
Adbendpro simulation system provides detailed, precise and configurable simulation of the entire press brake operation. Back gauge movement, ram stroke, part insertion and retraction are all animated. A real-time collision detection system warns you of all potential collisions while controls allow you to turn various parts of the machine display on or off.
Why program offline?

• Less chance of making mistakes with visual reports and 3D simulations;

• Full 3D bend simulation and collision checking for safer operation of the press brake;

• Interactively adjust the Bend sequence to find the most optimal solution;

• Allow software to determine complex bend sequence and tooling to minimize changing setups;

• Less dependency on trained operators, thus driving production through efficient teams;

• Eliminate Scrap due to Trial and Error Programming.