Hexa C Technology

With this new generation of PM Adira present a different concept of C-frames, designated HEXA-C, which ensures that beams (movable and fixed) remain aligned in any load condition contrary to what occurs in conventianal frame stuctures

Adira Hexa C Technology

  • Improved bending accuracy because movable beam remains perfectly aligned with fixed beam (avoid the effect of movable beam rotation typical on conventional C-frames)

  • Largest immunity to structure torsion effects in case of bending not in the center of the machine.

  • Eliminate the needs of extra devices for reading correction of the movable beam position encoders.

  • Maintaining throat depth on the frames it’s an advantage comparing with H-frames as this feature is important for many applications since it make simpler the removal of parts, execution of box type parts and make things easier for tooling setup.